What you need to know about accommodation in Cambodia

In June 2016, it was announced that the European Council on Tourism and Trade (ECTT) had declared Cambodia as the world’s best tourism destination of 2016. Many factors make this agreeable. First, are the fantastic architectural attributes that grace Cambodia. These include the myriad sophisticated temples like the Angkor temple and Preah Khan as well as the magnificent palaces like the Phnom Pehn royal palace all built during the time of Khmer Empire. Other than these are the Cambodia boats of natural, timeless beauty with features such as the battambang bat caves, Tonle Sap Lake among others. Further, there are flamboyant museums and the war memorials that work in sync with the constructed structures and natural phenomena to make Cambodia the best tourist destination. If you love culture, nature or just want to be in a beautiful place to have a good time, try Cambodia. What’s more, there are plenty of accommodation options including tented villas Cambodia wide, and hotels for guests.

This article dwells on accommodation as it’s what gets so many people worked up when thinking about a visit to Cambodia.

tented villas cambodiaTypes of accommodation options in Cambodia

Cambodia offers a remarkable range of accommodation options that provide perfect relaxation for guests. These cover a wide range of budget and boutique hotels, and resorts that are low key with just a few rooms around a small garden and a simple pool. Even gorgeous resorts and luxurious tented villas Cambodia wide are also available for those with huge accommodation budgets. Also, there are hostels for the backpackers and also some good camping options for the travelers. The good news with Cambodia accommodation is that regardless of budget, they all have a swimming pool as Cambodia is hot throughout the year and guests will enjoy cooling off in the pool.

What accommodation is like

You will find many hotels impeccably and exquisitely decorated putting together Khmer style and comfort. There are also loads of restaurants along the beach from where guests can be able to take a walk to relax away from their accommodation. They can do this while enjoying sublime views of the tiny offshore islands. Also many tented villas Cambodia offers have superb customer services as the members of staff are committed to making guests feel right at home.

 Adventurous accommodation

If you are planning to go on trekking at the Cardamom Mountains, you will not have to worry about accommodation either as there are plenty accommodation options situated along the area so that guests are as near as possible to their planned adventure. If you love your comfort and adventure, you should look forward to overwater villas Cambodia offers that occupy a magnificent position on the edge of the Tatain River. Beautifully tented villas Cambodia wide are found floating on the river and thus every morning you will be watching the clear mist over the surrounding virgin forest. Visit http://ecolodges.asia/pdf/brochure_4rivers.pdf for such options.

Tented villas on water Cambodia offers are just some of the few luxurious accommodation options that you can find in Cambodia, and thus, no need to get worked up. Just pack up, have psyche and head on out for an adventurous holiday.

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