Being a Frugal Volunteer: Money Saving Advice for Volunteers on a Budget Abroad

Getting experience from volunteering in India, or any country abroad is often a worthwhile asset both for yourself and the community you’re helping. This life-changing experience allows you to give back to another community in need while you learn about a new culture and become a better-rounded person.

volunteering in india

The first opportunity where you can save money while volunteering abroad is to discover low-cost volunteer work programs in India or in any country available. Getting a scholarship to become a volunteer in India with Involvement Volunteers International or from any free volunteer abroad programs available today will give you more chances to save up and spend less. Once you’ve read positive reviews and picked the perfect volunteer program, it is now time to start gauging your monthly budget.

Even if you’re volunteering in India for free, you should expect to still have some expenses to make on the side. You’re going to have to spend your own money for your personal needs such as your basic necessities or your leisure time. By sticking to a budget while volunteering in India, you won’t miss out on your real reason for volunteering.

Here are some tips that can help you in cutting a few corners and staying within budget while volunteering abroad:

·         Making a daily/weekly budget can get you to keep track of your savings and spending so you’re bound to stick to your allotted budget.

·         Once abroad, people tend to send gifts back home to loved ones. You can overlook purchasing expensive gifts by sending postcards instead.

·         There are things that are normal back home, but considered as a luxury already in your host country. You should emulate the lifestyle of the locals and reserve the luxuries as treats.

·         Instead of buying souvenirs to take back home, you can take more memorable photos and write in your journal about what transpired in your day to day life. This makes a better remembrance than a wooden statue.

·         Enriching your overall volunteering experience has a lot to do with living with the locals. Once you have made friends with the citizens, you’re most likely to avoid foreigner scammers and even get a free meal. More information brand name: Involvement Volunteers International

·         Never be afraid to inquire with the volunteering group if the program has inclusions for board and lodging. You will never know when someone in the organization or in the community will be willing to host you in their humble abode.

·         If ever the volunteering program is not inclusive of plane tickets, their volunteering program is most likely very flexible when it comes to scheduling. Once you know the destination country, start your search for travel deals with the cheapest flight dates.

·         Given the fact that volunteering in India or anywhere abroad is usually very flexible, you can have more time to cut back on splurging and shopping and save more money for your trip.

·         Part of the research skill you have to have when volunteering should be checking the background of the country you want to go to. Consider choosing a destination country with a low cost of living and also a low cost of transportation.

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