How to Leverage Volunteer Stint in Your Resume

Many job seekers fail to realize and capitalize on the value of volunteering to their resume. Those who have tried this method could attest to how it could help you establish relationships and explore career opportunities. Therefore, it is time to think about volunteer work if you want to land that dream job!

One of the biggest misconceptions about volunteering is that some people think that engaging in Nepal travel and volunteer work is a waste of time. Some would say that time spent volunteering could be used to start seeking jobs instead. However, the right volunteer opportunity can open up your door towards your dream career.

For New Graduates

The decision to volunteer in Nepal or some other parts of Asia is best for the fresh graduates. In fact, there are some volunteer opportunities available mainly for those who are exploring their career opportunities during their gap year. For fresh graduates, seeking job right away would only provide you with entry-level opportunities, which also means entry-level salary. Finding work experience is difficult because you need to work your way up the employment ladder.

Choosing to volunteer is a great way to gain that experience. You might be paying for the volunteer stint, but that investment can have a huge payoff. Most volunteer work is focused on specific skills, such as teaching, building, or providing medical services. You will be able to train and develop your skills in an intensive manner since volunteer projects last for a few weeks at a time.

However, you can learn more from your volunteer stint aside from the skills that you need to showcase on your resume. You will gain leadership, planning and communication skills as a volunteer, too. These are skills that are important when you want to succeed as a volunteer and become an important part of the team. These are also important when you venture into the employment world. Hence, volunteering can beef up your resume much more than a paid work history can.

For Re-Entering the Work Force

Are you looking to have a change of career? Are you entering the workforce again? Either way, you can gain a lot when you join volunteer Nepal projects. Volunteering is going to help you gain new skills you need to advance in your new career path. If you are going to explore a new career, you should look for volunteer opportunities that showcase the skills you need when you enter into the professional world.

One of the biggest fears that job seekers have about listing their volunteer experience in their resume is that it could be viewed negatively. However, the truth is quite the opposite. Volunteerism showcases your abilities beyond what your skill can offer. It molds your ability to become a leader, to communicate properly and to adapt to situations and environments that you are not familiar with. These characteristics are actually positives that would boost your resume when changing careers.

Whether you are a fresh graduate, on a steady career track or when you want to change careers, volunteer work can put you in a good position. Make sure you include it in your resume to maximize its potential.

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