Knock Down Rebuild – Change Everything to New

When the internationally acclaimed rating agency Moody’s says something, the industry takes note. In a report on the construction industry in Australia just out, the agency has a few things to say. There are of course references to the slowdown on the commercial property front, particularly in the major cities. There is also a mention about the limited growth in the rental levels of residential units. But the reason for this is the desire among the population to go in for their own homes. Either they buy available homes through the auctions or build from scratch. There is also the rising trend of knock down rebuild, which serves multiple purposes at once.

Reviewing the Existing Facilities

If you owned and lived in a house for a fairly long time, it is bound to need some kind of attention in almost all departments. The flooring might be creaking more than the usual and the kitchen and bathrooms might appear absolutely outdated, and how about the garage or the carport? If you consulted a good house builder Melbourne market has today, it will become obvious to you within no time that you will be better off demolishing the existing structure and build a new one all over.

Many Advantages in Rebuilding

There are many benefits in going in for the knock down rebuild option. The obvious ones are the latest designs in terms of appearance and functionality that can be incorporated, and that some of the major and minor inconveniences you have been facing can be eliminated and improved upon. The other benefits include changing the complete plan to make it a dual occupancy unit and so on. The agency offering building services Melbourne wide can come up with bespoke designs for the rebuilt unit or you could choose from a range of designs already available.

Is Your Housing Plot on a Slope

Some of the tough situations the house owners may face relate to the surface of the plot. If it has different levels, the best way is to choose one of the designs of split level homes Melbourne builders come up with. Houses built on split levels have their own aesthetic appearance and if you picked the right builder to execute the work, there is every reason for you to pick that option. Even otherwise the cost of bringing the plot to level could be prohibitive and not the preferred choice. More information brand name: Latitude 37

Consider All Options and Angles

As soon as you have made your decision to knock down rebuild your residential property, invite a good builder to inspect the property and submit a quotation. You must insist on the quotation being all inclusive and contain as much of the break-up of the costs as possible. Definitely, the building services company has to be transparent with the costs quoted and not come up with any surprises later. If they are coordinating with different utility companies for executing the various works, like the electrical and plumbing works and so on, their quotations should also be factored in.

If you wish to rebuild your old residential unit, the process can start with taking a look at some of the websites ( which can give you a complete insight on how it works and the different related aspects and then take it forward.

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