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How Small Online Businesses Make Good Use of Self-Storage

With high internet usage, a strong economy, and good infrastructure, the Australian e-commerce industry is going nowhere but up. Online businesses are paving the way for other businesses that cater to their needs as well, such as a 24 hour storage business.

Small businesses are classified from small niche businesses to brick-and-mortar businesses with online platforms. Most don’t have a physical store, but some of the businesses progress to having a retail space.

24 hour storage businesses cater to those who don’t have enough space for their inventory. However, there are other ways that a 24 hour storage is utilized by online businesses.

There’s a lot of competition in the arena, but the self-storage industry is helping small online businesses run smoothly. Here’s how they do it:


Australians’ love for online shopping has been proven to be true by a Roy Morgan study. Last year, Aussies spent a whopping A$41.3 billion on shopping around digital businesses. Meanwhile, the Australian Post has seen a 25% increase in parcel deliveries this year.

This trend calls for sustainability in online items. Sellers have to build a good relationship with buyers. No one wants a displeased customer, especially with today’s reviews-oriented digital world.

Self-storage helps businesses maintain product quality and quantity by giving them space to stock their items. Having more space helps you avoid item shrinkage, sustaining product quality and customer trust.

Happy customers = happy businesses.

Storage Unit VS. Retail Space

Small online businesses can save more money with a storage unit rather than a traditional leased retail space.

For the past three years, Melbourne has been considered one of the most expensive places in the world for a retail space. It even surpassed Paris and Beijing for its 20% jump in rent.

Renting an expensive traditional retail space in Melbourne means paying for the space that is not utilized as well. By paying for a Sunshine storage, you can have low overheads on units, which means you have only paid for the space you used.

Helping with Overstocking

One of the most notable features of self-storage is dealing with seasonal overstocking. Seasonal overstocking happens when small online businesses overbuy items. For manufacturers, this could result from buying too many raw items.

Overstocking is costly as it could mean allocating capital to unnecessary inventory expenses. When this happens, space and security will be needed in your workspace, house, or warehouse. This leads to additional expenses on transportation.

Self-storage eases businesses’ problems by providing a space for their extra items. Instead of spending on transportation and expansion, businesses can instead store their items on a secured self-storage.

If you’re in Melbourne, a Maribyrnong storage could provide security for your seasonally overstocked items.

Flexibility + Security

Small businesses can also mobilize their distribution model by a storage’s flexibility. Some self-storage facilities can receive and secure stocks on a business’s behalf, while they continue to run their business.

The stocks are also easy-to-access 24/7 if you operate after hours.

Meanwhile, for those fragile online items, they can be secured within the unit in boxes. Buy packing boxes Melbourne has these days or get one for free by buying five boxes in Public Self Storage. See more at