Signs Pipes and Sewer Lines Need to Be Checked and Fixed

Do you suspect you need to hire pipe relining Sydney companies offer? There are telling signs that will tell you that problems are in the pipeline and a quick fix will spare you from costly repairs.

Low water pressure

Clogged or leaky pipes can affect water pressure. While a blockage, such as debris build-up, can be remedied, a leaky or a broken pipe must be relined. It is best to have a professional check the problem because low water pressure can indicate other issues and not just pipe issues.

Lower quality of water

Contaminants are one of the factors that affect water quality and they can enter pipes through leaks. Studies show that the pressure in main water pipes forces water out through leaks and prevent contaminants from coming in.

However, a damaged section of a pipe can cause a significant drop in pressure. If the pipe is surrounded by water, that water can be sucked in through the leaks. If it contains contaminants, quality will be affected. Low-quality water will also travel through the pipe network. Why risk it when you can hire pipe relining in Sydney?

Foul odour

Do you smell a foul odour coming from the drain or sink? This can only mean one of two things – there’s a waste blockage or the pipes are corroded. If the smell is similar to sulphur or rotten eggs, the pipes need repair which calls for pipe relining Sydney service providers offer.

Blockage, on the other hand, can be fixed with some cleaning solution or with the help of a plumber if it is deep in the piping.

Frequent clogs

Clogged pipes can happen. But if the problem reoccurs more frequently, there could be a bigger issue deep in the pipes. If using a drain cleaner or plunger won’t fix the problem, you’ll need bigger guns than that. Have pipes checked by professionals for a spot-on diagnosis and spare yourself from spending money every time a clog happens.

Water stains or puddles

Leaky pipes are the only explanation for when water stains and puddles suddenly appear around the house. Since these can cause mould build-up or flooding when the pipes burst, the leaks must be plugged immediately.

Root-damage pipes

As trees grow, roots are likely to break into pipes. If your property is surrounded by trees and shrubs and you notice pipes and sewer lines constantly clogged, pipe relining Sydney has will save you from costly property damage.

Gone are the days when having pipes replaced is the only solution which is often time-consuming and expensive. With Sydney pipe relining services you can hire, any blockage and root damaged pipes can be fixed without the major work.

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